1 What services are included in your base package?

We offer service apartments on rent with three primary services,

i.e. 1) Independent Living, 2) Assisted Living, and 3) Nursing Care.

All Services include following features:

Medical / Nursing Assistance:

  • Daily Health Checkup
  • 24 X 7 Care Attendant (Day & Night shifts) and Nursing Care
  • Medication Management
  • Emergency Medical Response Procedures
  • Periodic medical Checkup and Assessment (Ophthalmic, Dental etc.,)
  • Maintenance of Medical Record and Reporting on each Resident.


  • Nutritious and Delicious Meals that Keeping individual Restrictions/Requirements in mind.


  • Daily Housekeeping (including Cleaning, Laundry, Repair & Maintenance)


  • Daily Activities including Occupational Therapy, Music, Games and Social events, Library, Movie Theater, Outdoor Walkways, Gazebo, Travel and Concierge Service Desk

Irrespective of the type of Care and Accommodation, the Services Mentioned above are included in our Package for all Residents.

2 What Medical/Nursing Assistance services included in the base package?

  1. We provide 24X7 Nurse Availability under our Basic Package. Some Nursing Staff Stays within the Premises. Most of the Basic Nursing Care Requirements are Done in-House and are Part of the Service Fee. Service includes:
  2. Everyday Vitals Checkup & Monitoring
  3. Medication Management (Dispensing Prescribed Medicines as per the Prescription)
  4. Diabetes Management (Sugar Charting, Insulin Administration)
  5. Diaper and Bedsore Management
  6. Ryle’s tube feeding
  7. Catheter Management
  8. Administering IV/IM Drugs *
  9. Emergency Care- Oxygen Administration, CPR, Suctioning
  10. Co-ordination with a Specialist Doctor, Physiotherapist, and Family Members
  11. Keeping a Detailed Health Record

*Details provided during the time of admission

3 How do you engage senior residents at UtsavLife?

We make weekly and monthly activity plans based on the interest of our residents. We involve third parties, event managers and volunteers to engage with our residents. We will plan activities given below periodically:

  • Music sessions with instruments & karaoke
  • Movie/cricket matches and other TV programs in the movie theater
  • Birthday/ anniversary celebrations every month
  • Celebration of all festivals
  • Indoor games & activities
  • Park visit and outdoor
  • In-house library
  • Occupational Therapy once a week
  • Counseling by experts
  • Yoga & meditation sessions
  • Volunteer visits

Our activity schedule will be published in advance, and memories of the events will be shared with residents and their loved one.



1 Can I request food of my choice once I am at Utsav?

Utsavcare has a wide variety of vegetarian menu available. We serve homely vegetarian meals to our residents. We publish a weekly menu to all residents; we collect regular feedback to improve our assortment and taste. Our menu will include special occasion food like Ekadashi, Padwa, Ganesh, Sankranti, Shivratri etc. However, suppose you have a specific preference that is not available in our weekly menu. In that case, we will assist you in ordering the food of your choice from outside, i.e. Zomato, Swiggy, Uber Eat etc.

2 How are food and special nutrition managed?

When the resident moves in Utsavlife, we take their preferences and allergies to ingredients. When they live with us, we figure out what’s best for them in taste and nutrition. With the help of nutritionists and chefs, we try to design the best suitable diet. Sometimes it’s interesting to see how much we discover about their preferences.



1 Can you explain your pricing?

We offer a full-service apartment that is furnished to suit senior living. Our usual service contracts are annual, with the flexibility to pay rent monthly/quarterly or yearly. Service contract defines renewal and early termination clauses, which takes care of both Utsavlife and the resident’s interest.

Our pricing depends on three aspects:

  1. Duration of stay: Short term or Long term. While a stay period under 12 months is considered short term, a more than 12-month stay is regarded as a long term sign up.
  2. Levels of care required: Levels of care are decided after the medical assessment process by our admission team and getting all the medical details with documents of the applicant. The pricing for each category is confirmed after the medical assessment process. Our admission manager meets the applicant in person or else on a video call which is a must to see & assess their condition.
  3. Type of occupancy: Single, Double or Twin sharing. Single occupancy is when one senior resides in their room. Double occupancy is when two related seniors share one room (e.g., husband & wife, siblings). Twin sharing is when a senior shares a room with another senior who may not be related.

2 Does your fee changes as the resident get older?

Care and fee are related to the amount of support required by the resident. Our admission team decides the appropriate care plan during the medical assessment.  Initially, an elder can move in with us for ‘Independent Living’, where the resident does not require much health assistance or nursing care. He/She lives a hassle-free community life. With time, his health condition may deteriorate, requiring him/her to change the care plan to ‘Assisted Living’ within the same premises. The care ratio (the number of attendants serving an elder) increases over time as health deteriorates. 

The service charge may change over a period for residents depending on support need.

3 What if I am not happy with the services and want to move out?

Utsavlife team strives to make improvements to provide the best care to their residents. We encourage your inputs to make Utsavlife, a better place for your loved one. Even after discussions and trials, one still feels to opt-out of Utsavlife; then, you can terminate the service agreement as per contract.



1  What is your visitor policy? How does your resident mingle with their local social connections?

Utsav is an exclusive facility for senior citizens. We value everyone’s privacy and personal need.

We have an open-door policy. Family members can visit during visiting hours. We recommend that family members observe instead of actively participating in routine activities.

We welcome guests to meet residents at the visitor lounge during visiting hours, i.e. 10 AM to 12:30 PM and 4 PM till 7 PM.

Such practice allows Utsavlife caregivers to build their rapport with the residents. Prior scheduling is appreciated to cause minimum disruption of senior’s disciplined & healthy routine.

2 My son is visiting from the US for two weeks; we (me and my wife) have taken a 2 BHK apartment at Utsavlife. Can we keep our son with us for two weeks?

Utsavcare is an exclusive senior care facility. Our process, infrastructure and staff are designed for taking care of seniors.

The stay of family members within premises is not encouraged for the resident’s welfare. It may be a cause of concern, as we have observed that seniors take time to readjust after a night stay by a family member. The stay may also disturb the routine of your loved one and other fellow residents.

You can have your kids visiting from abroad to spend a day with you. We can help them with finding accommodation in the nearby area. They can see you and spend more time with you during their stay. You can go out with them as well. Such arrangement will provide adequate privacy to our clients/neighbours and visitors.

3 What are the basic amenities provided in the apartment and room?

Each apartment has comfy designer sofas, a dining table, and smart LED TV with a set top box and a large terrace. Each apartment has a potable water supply from the municipal corporation in the kitchen.  Each room has an attached/dedicated washroom and a private balcony. It is furnished with a double or extra wide single box bed with side tables, smart LED TV, 2 or 3 door full height wardrobes, intercom and panic switch near the bed and a night glow wall clock.


4 How will you take care of preventing Covid spread in the facility?

We will have a detailed COVID protocol for the entire facility. Salient features of our plan are 1) a Good mix of in-house staff, 2) Regular testing of caregivers and clients, 3) Strict mask-wearing, social distancing, sensitization wherever applicable, 4) Restricted entry in the facility for outsiders.

5 I am a casual smoker, and I like to have alcohol with my friends. Will I be able to continue that if I move to Utsavlife?

Utsavlife respects each individual’s preference. However, we need to ensure everyone’s comfort regarding smoke and alcohol. We will have a designated smoking area in the facility, which you can use. Smoking is prohibited inside your apartments and at any place which is not a designated Smoking area. For alcohol, you can keep stock of your choice and consume at your convenience inside your apartment. We will not serve alcohol to any individual in the facility.

6 Can I personalize the room and bring my furniture?

Each apartment and room within Utsavlife comes with a theme. It has been furnished with designer furniture just apt for space & usage. Our decore includes wallpaper, indirect lighting, artifacts, picture frames and painting.

We encourage personalization with resident’s furnishings. We can accept any special piece of furniture that the resident is emotionally attached to if accommodated.

7 How are you keeping your facility safe from intrusion? The question is about the risk of violence, the spread of disease and breach of personal hygiene.

Our facility is under 24X7 security cover. We have installed 45 CCTV camera in the entire facility to track unauthorized movements. Our facility entrance has bio-metric entry to ensure only authorized personal are allowed on the campus. We have done a complete background check of our staff before hiring.

We clean all apartment and facility with chemicals to disinfect. Such cleaning happens once every day and more depending on usage, i.e. dining area is cleaned four times a day.

Robust mosquito prevention windows are available in each apartment. We spray all apartments with mosquito repellents.

8 What is the process of admission?

We have an easy and straightforward admission process. Our team will assist you in every step.

  1. Fill the enquiry form
  2. Visit us to see our work in action! (Physical visit to our site)
  3. Complete the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment with our expert
  4. Sign the service agreement
  5. Pay deposit amount
  6. Plan to move in
  7. Welcome to Utsavlife