Welcome to UtsavLife Assisted Living, a haven where passion meets purpose in senior care. Our journey began in April 2021 in Pune, driven by a heartfelt mission to enhance the quality of life for seniors. The founders of UtsavLife have been passionate about senior care, a passion deeply rooted in their upbringing and life experiences.

At UtsavLife, we believe that senior care is not just about providing a place to live—it’s about offering a service that ensures dignity, autonomy, and respect for our elders. We understand that seniors need more than just a home; they need a supportive environment to thrive and maintain independence. That’s why we have created a benchmark in senior care, providing professional services in a senior-friendly infrastructure.

Our offerings include independent living, assisted living, and advanced nursing care; we also offer rehabilitation and short-term stays. Our unique blend of home-like comforts, hotel-like services, and hospital-like care sets us apart without needing to buy real estate. This distinctive combination ensures that our residents receive the best care in a nurturing and compassionate environment.

Respect, dignity, independence, and compassion are the core values guiding our staff’s daily operations. Our dedicated team is committed to making every resident feel valued and cherished and ensuring they live their golden years with grace and happiness.

UtsavLife is proud to host a vibrant community that reflects India’s rich diversity. Our residents come from all corners of the country, from Tamil Nadu to West Bengal, Punjab, and Gujarat. This healthy mix of cultures and backgrounds creates a lively and enriching environment where everyone feels at home. Join us at UtsavLife, where we celebrate life daily and care for every senior with the utmost respect and love. 

 Our Vision and Mission:


“To set the World class standard for Senior Care, drawing from India’s rich cultural hospitality, leveraging cost arbitrage in healthcare, and offering an exceptional blend of home comfort, hotel services, and hospital care.”


“Our mission is to provide comprehensive and compassionate care for seniors. We aim to promote healthy ageing, decrease healthcare costs, and empower seniors to live a life of dignity, autonomy, and fulfilment. We want to improve the quality of life for all senior people worldwide.”

                                                Our Founders

Mr Anil Somaiya and Mr Nayan Somaiya, The self – made successful businessmen from Pune are more lovingly referred to as the Ram –

Lakshman Jodi amongst their friends and business circles. They have the combined advantage of modern perspective emanating from a Degree in Business Administration and more than two decades of hands-on experience in successfully handling multiple projects and businesses. Drawing inspiration from their Mother, whom they were fortunate to comfort and provide geriatric care in her last days, They have now made it their mission to provide a solid infrastructure, best amenities, professional, yet personal care and a fulfilling environment to the senior residents in Utsavlife to bring “Twinkles in the Wrinkles”...

“Introducing Saurabh Desai, a visionary committed to transforming senior care in India. Hailing from Gujarat, his modest upbringing instilled deep-rooted family values. After earning an engineering degree and an MBA from esteemed institutions, Saurabh gained over 27 years of global IT experience, working across the US and Europe. His exposure to diverse service environments became the foundation for his future endeavours.

While residing abroad, Saurabh confronted the challenges of elder care when his parents’ health declined. This personal journey ignited his purpose to revolutionise senior care, leading to his co-founding UtsavLife after leaving a successful IT career.

At UtsavLife, Saurabh focuses on developing comprehensive policies, upskilling employees, and streamlining service delivery for scalable expansion. Saurabh’s transformation from a global IT professional to a purpose-driven entrepreneur epitomizes his relentless commitment to dignified, compassionate senior care.”

A doting home maker, and an active senior citizen herself. 

Mrs Tarla Tanna helped us to understand that no matter how prepared you think you are for old age, the reality is very different. 

She brings her immense wisdom and a senior’s point of view to the the Team.

Our Teams

       Care giving Staff

  • Hand-Picked Staff Based On Extensive Background Check
  • Impeccable Hygiene Standards
  • Staff, Including Nurses, Brothers, Male And Female Caregivers, Thoroughly Trained By Experts To Give Elderly Care
  • Round-The-Clock Resident Services Team

       Doctors & Specialists

  • In House Doctors To Supervise And Consult On A Daily Basis
  • 24 * 7 Primary Health Care And Emergency Response Teams
  • Tie Up With Multi Specialty Hospital For Emergencies And Diagnostics
  • Ambulance On Call
  • Clearly Prescribed Emergency Medical Protocols
  • Consultants And Experts Available For Tell-Counselling And On-Site Consultation

 Ms. Prajakta Padgaokar (Consultant)

-Author of ‘Sanjwat’, the pioneer book for senior care system
– Over 13 years of experience in the field of senior care system
– Former Director of administration at Nana-Nani Foundation
– We are previleged to get her guidance since inception

Dr. Jyothsna Kangavkar  ( In-house Medical Administrator)

– More than 20 years of experience in the field of medicine
– Rich experience in various hospitals as a Medical officer
– Proficient in handling day to day medical related issues with excellent     clinical skills and knowledge
– She is in-house medical supervisor, advisor, trainer, co-coordinator and looking after all kind of medical needs of residents